President Xi Jinping Visits Hungary: Trade Agreements

BUDAPEST – Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded his five-day European tour with a visit to Hungary on Thursday. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán welcomed him with great pomp, and it is expected that this visit will further strengthen bilateral relations between China and Hungary.

In recent years, Hungary has become an important trading partner for China. Unlike some other EU countries that seek to reduce their dependence on China, Hungary has maintained an open pro-Chinese government stance. This makes the country an attractive partner for economic cooperation and investment.

During his visit, President Xi expressed his intention to elevate the political and economic connections between China and Hungary to an even higher level. With Hungary set to assume the EU presidency in the second half of the year, Xi emphasized the opportunity to improve relations between the European Union and China.

It is anticipated that 16 to 18 cooperation agreements will be signed between the two nations during Xi’s visit. Media reports suggest that Xi and Orbán may also visit the southern city of Pécs to announce the establishment of an electric vehicle plant by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor.

The economic collaboration between China and Hungary promises new opportunities and a closer partnership. The international community is closely watching this visit, as it could impact not only bilateral relations but also overall relations between China and the European Union. (zai)


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