Ibu Volcano Erupts on Halmahera Island: Ash Cloud

JAKARTA – The Indonesian island of Halmahera is currently experiencing an eruption of the Ibu Volcano. The second-highest alert level was declared after the volcano spewed an impressive 1.5-kilometer-high ash cloud into the air. Authorities urgently called for people to stay away from the volcano and established a protective zone extending up to five kilometers. Entry into this zone is strictly prohibited.

Residents have been advised to wear protective masks and goggles when outdoors to shield themselves from the effects of the ash. The health and safety of the population are paramount, and authorities are working diligently to ensure everyone’s well-being.

The Ibu Volcano is known for its explosive activity, and the recent eruption has captured the attention of scientists and the local community. Volcanic ash not only poses risks to human health but also threatens agriculture and regional infrastructure.

The evacuation of thousands of residents from five districts is already underway to ensure their safety. Emergency services are tirelessly working to protect the affected population. (zai)