A culinary journey through Asia for Europeans

BANGKOK – Asia, the largest and most diverse continent in the world, is known for its rich and varied cuisine. From spicy curries to fresh seafood to sweet desserts – Asian cuisine has something to offer for every taste. Here are some countries that you should visit on your culinary journey through Asia:

  1. China

Chinese cuisine is probably the most well-known in the Western world. It is known for its variety of ingredients, techniques, and flavors. Peking duck, Dim Sum, and Kung Pao Chicken are just some of the dishes you should try.

  1. Japan

Japanese cuisine is known for its simplicity and respect for the natural flavor of the ingredients. Sushi, Ramen, and Tempura are known and loved worldwide.

  1. Thailand

Thai cuisine is known for its sharp flavors and the use of fresh herbs and spices. Try Pad Thai, green curry, and Mango Sticky Rice for an authentic Thai meal.

  1. India

Indian cuisine is rich in spices and flavors. From spicy curries to sweet desserts, Indian cuisine offers a variety of dishes that will delight your taste buds.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil, and dependence on herbs and vegetables. Pho, a noodle soup, and Banh Mi, a sandwich, are two of the most famous dishes.

Each of these countries offers a unique culinary experience that is worth discovering. But remember, food is only part of the journey. The culture, the people, and the landscapes that you will discover on your journey through Asia are just as important and enriching as the dishes you will try. Bon appétit and have a good trip!