Malaysia: Sultan Ibrahim’s battle against corruption

KUALA LUMPUR – Corruption remains a formidable adversary for Malaysia, and Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim is determined to combat it. In a recent Facebook post, Sultan Ibrahim emphasized that the fight against corruption is one of his top priorities during his reign. He granted an audience to Azam Baki, the chief commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), to discuss the latest developments in the anti-graft agency.

“As I have previously stressed: my honeymoon is over; now go catch the bees,” Sultan Ibrahim declared, underscoring that corruption poses a significant threat to the nation.

As a symbolic gesture marking the end of his “honeymoon” period, Sultan Ibrahim presented Azam with honey. His commitment to tackling corruption is unwavering.

Recent Developments

Azam Baki revealed that 34 customs officers were detained between March 11 and 25 on suspicion of receiving over RM4.7 million in bribes. Malaysia has suffered losses of approximately RM2 billion in taxes due to a smuggling syndicate operating at the KLIA Cargo terminal in Sepang since 2017. This syndicate, with the assistance of customs officers, engaged in smuggling activities related to tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, health products, and vehicle spare parts.

The syndicate bribed customs officers to allow undeclared imports and goods to enter the country without inspection. In addition to the officers, 27 individuals and company owners were arrested for protecting and facilitating the syndicate’s operations.

A New Era of Vigilance

Sultan Ibrahim, who assumed the role of the 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong on January 31, following the end of Pahang’s Al-Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah’s tenure, is committed to upholding integrity and transparency. His call to action echoes throughout the nation as Malaysia strives to eradicate corruption and build a brighter future. (zai)