Pattaya Beachfront Transformation on schedule

PATTAYA – Pattaya, a vibrant coastal Thai city known for its lively atmosphere and stunning beaches, is undergoing a significant transformation along its iconic beachfront. The Beachfront Landscape Transformation Project, with a budget of 166 million baht, aims to enhance the city’s image and provide better amenities for both residents and tourists.

Here are the key details of this exciting project:

  1. Scope and Goals:
    • The project spans 2.7 kilometers along Pattaya Beach, stretching from the northern end to the southern reaches of the city.
    • Its primary objectives include improving the overall landscape, creating a more inviting environment, and enhancing the beachfront experience.
  2. Removal of Palm Trees:
    • To make way for a one-lane road expansion, palm trees along the North Pattaya and Central Pattaya sections are being removed.
    • This strategic move will allow for smoother traffic flow and better accessibility for pedestrians and vehicles.
  3. Contractor and Progress:
    • The project is being carried out by Nong Nooch Landscape and Garden Design Co., Ltd.
    • Currently, sidewalk construction is progressing at 80%, and the overall project is on track to be completed before the contractual deadline.
    • Originally scheduled for completion in 2025, the swift progress now anticipates completion by around mid-2024.
  4. Walking Street Sidewalk Expansion:
    • In addition to the beachfront project, Pattaya is also undertaking improvements in front of Walking Street.
    • Negotiations with business owners have led to an agreement to expand the existing walkways to a width of 1.5 meters.
    • This expansion aims to alleviate congestion and enhance pedestrian safety along the bustling Walking Street.
  5. City Revitalization Efforts:
    • The beachfront landscape improvement project aligns with the city’s broader efforts to revitalize Pattaya.
    • As tourism gradually recovers after the pandemic, these enhancements will contribute to a more attractive and welcoming cityscape.
    • Other measures, such as installing CCTV cameras, sanitizing stations, and waste bins, further ensure public safety and hygiene.

Pattaya’s beachfront is poised for a fresh look, and residents and visitors alike can look forward to enjoying a more pleasant and accessible coastal experience. As the project nears completion, the city takes a step toward a brighter and more vibrant future. (zai)