Cathay Pacific Passengers Endure Terrifying Turbulence

HONG KONG — Cathay Pacific Airways passengers aboard Flight CX341 from Shanghai to Hong Kong faced harrowing moments on Tuesday night as their aircraft battled intense turbulence and failed twice to land at Hong Kong International Airport due to severe weather conditions. The flight, originally scheduled to arrive at 7:30 p.m., was delayed by more than seven hours.

Passengers described the experience as nightmarish. One traveler recounted, “My bum detached from my seat at least three or four times, while all the items in my bag came flying out. The word ‘bumpy’ fails to describe the feeling. The sense of weightlessness was way too horrible.” The aircraft attempted to land twice, causing some passengers to start vomiting, screaming, and crying. The entire cabin was filled with the smell of vomit as the plane shook violently.

“The first time it glided to 2,000 meters, I felt like I was about to die,” another passenger shared. “All the passengers on board started to scream, while children cried wildly.” Amidst the chaos, the aircraft diverted to Shenzhen airport to refuel before finally landing safely in Hong Kong at 2:42 a.m. on Wednesday.

Passengers expressed their relief but also their trauma. “I don’t want to experience this again for the rest of my life,” one passenger said. “Pray everything is safe.” The pilot instructed everyone to remain seated for an additional 10 to 15 minutes after landing, as paramedics boarded the plane to check on an affected person.

Cathay Pacific diverted nine flights to Shenzhen, Macau, and Kaohsiung due to the storm. Glenn Devonport, the airline’s general manager for operations, praised the crew’s calm and professional response to the challenging conditions. “The weather cells were extremely active with multiple lightning strikes and even hail reported as they passed over Lantau Island,” he noted.

Despite the terrifying experience, all affected passengers have now safely arrived in Hong Kong. The airline provided accommodations, meals, and transportation for those whose flights were delayed. Cathay Pacific apologizes for any inconvenience caused and appreciates the patience and understanding demonstrated by its valued customers. (zai) – Photo: Cathay Pacific