About 100 people rally against coup in Bangkok

Bangkok – About 100 people demonstrated in the downtown of Bangkok Saturday, the capital city of Thailand, against the coup declared by Thai Army.

This is the second protest against the coup since the military’ s declaration. They gathered at 11 a.m. local time with many holding a banner saying “No coups,” ” Free Thailand.”

The military troops and police force were deployed to keep security. They tried to drive away the protesters and physical confrontation occurred, but no one injured. After the negotiation between the representative of the protesters and the military, the demonstration is limited in 2 hours.

Meanwhile, some people walked through them to express their support to the troops, leading to a brief confrontation. They were later escorted away by the police.

“Under articles 8 and 11 of martial law, the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council prohibits gatherings of more than five people for political purposes,” said an announcement by the military Friday.

“Anyone who violates the ban will be subject to a one-year jail term, 10,000 baht fine, or both.” Source: Xinhua