Smartphone Sales: Samsung leading again

BRUSSELS – The past year has been an exciting chapter for the smartphone industry. The sales figures of major manufacturers reflect both gains and losses. Here are the key developments:

Apple: A Decline After a Strong Year

In 2023, Apple had an excellent business year and managed to surpass Samsung as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. However, the initial numbers from 2024 are sobering. The iPhone maker has experienced a significant 9.6 percent decline compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, it still holds the second position.

Samsung: Back at the Top

Samsung, which had to relinquish its throne last year, performed better in the first quarter of 2024. Smartphone shipments decreased by only 0.7 percent compared to the previous year, putting Samsung back as the largest global manufacturer.

Xiaomi: The Rising Star

The real surprise comes from Xiaomi. The Chinese company achieved an impressive 33.8 percent growth compared to the previous year, selling a total of 40.8 million smartphones. This places Xiaomi in third position. Ahead of it are Apple with 50.1 million units sold and Samsung with 60.1 million.


Xiaomi has its sights set on the second place. If its growth continues, the Chinese manufacturer could soon challenge Apple. The sales figures for the upcoming quarters will reveal whether Xiaomi can sustain its ascent. (zai)