Singapore: Rebates, incentives for long-haul flights at Changi Airport

Singapore – Airlines operating at Singapore’ s Changi Airport are able to enjoy landing fee rebates for long-haul flights and other incentives that could amount to as much as 50 million Singapore dollars (40 million U.S. dollars) over the next 19 months, a Changi Airport Group (CAG) representative stated in a press release on Wednesday.

Details revealed Wednesday is part of the Growth and Assistance Incentive (GAIN) program, which aims to strengthen the Singapore air hub.

CAG will offer airlines a 50-percent rebate on landing fees for all non-stop long-haul passenger flights from Sept. 1 this year to March 31, 2016.

In addition, CAG is launching a Gateway Incentive to motivate airlines to grow their transit and transfer traffic at Changi Airport. All airlines operating at Changi Airport will receive a 10-Singapore dollar (8-U.S. dollar) incentive for every incremental departing transit or transfer passenger handled. The 18-month scheme is effective on Oct. 1 and will also include passengers carried by foreign airlines interlining at Changi.

As previously announced, under the GAIN program, CAG is also offering all airlines operating at Changi Airport across-the-board rebates of 50 percent on aircraft parking fees and 15 percent on aerobridge fees between July 1 this year and June 30, 2015.

And for passengers traveling on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flights can continue to redeem up to 40 Singapore dollar (about 32 U.S. dollar) in Changi Dollar Vouchers for use during their time at the airport.

Changi Airport is the world’s sixth busiest airport for international traffic. It served a record 53.7 million passengers from around the globe in 2013. Source: Xinhua