Myanmar: New education bill to give universities more autonomy

Yangon – Myanmar is drafting a higher education bill which would give universities more autonomy and allow an independent body to coordinate the functions of institutions, according to the Ministry of Education.

Minister of Education Daw Khin San Yi told a meeting that as respective universities are to propose their own projects and require their own funds to be able to activate their independent management, the ministry will not intervene in the management process of universities after the law is enacted and an official independent body will manage the functions.

According to the ministry, Myanmar has 185 universities under twelve government departments including the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Health. Of the universities, 64 fall under the Ministry of Education.

Myanmar has been striving for practical education reforms through establishing national education policies and drafting education law.

Myanmar’s education experts carried out a survey of the country’s current education system and collected data over the past two years.

Plans were also adopted to conduct a comprehensive education sector review (CESR) and a committee for implementing the tasks for promoting the education system was set up.

To raise Myanmar’s education standard to international level, the country’s Ministry of Education is also cooperating with foreign universities in research and academic sectors. Source: Xinhua