HANNOVER – The five-day HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition, which starts on 12 April with more than 1,500 program items, is the central platform for innovation, networking and orientation in the age of industrial transformation. The event provides all visitors with a comprehensive overview of current trends in the fields of industry, energy and logistics. The conference program features experts from business, science and politics.

Partner country at the Hannover Messe is the South Asian country Indonesia where more than 150 Indonesian exhibitors will demonstrate their industrial capability. They will not only show what they have achieved with 4.0 technology, but also offering worth-grabbing business opportunities.

Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will give her opening address at 1 pm live from the Federal Chancellery. Immediately afterwards,  Joko Widodo, President of the Republic of Indonesia, will address the Hannover Messe audience.

The Indonesian ambassador in Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno,
forwarded the following statement to ASEAN TODAY:

“Most people in the world see Indonesia as a perfect paradise for tourism, but not many realize the fact that it is also a promising and viable place for business and investment. Indonesia’s appointment as the partner country of Hannover Messe 2021 – the world’s leading industrial trade fair – serves as an attestation to this less-known fact.

The partner country status enables Indonesian industries to showcase to the world their rapid transformation and big leap towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To embrace Industry 4.0 has been Indonesia’s national strategy to accelerate its ambitious target to be in the list of 10 biggest economy by 2030 from its current position at the 16th with a GDP of 1,12 trillion US dollar.

“Making Indonesia 4.0” thus becomes the theme of Indonesia’s partnership with Hannover Messe in 2021 that acclaims huge opportunities for business and investment in industrial sectors, supported by Indonesia’s huge market, productive and talented population, plentiful natural resources and space, and political stability.

Indonesia’s greatest strength is its young and productive people. It is the fourth most populous country and 70 percent of the population belongs to the working age of 18 to 60, thus benefitting in terms of labour market as well as consumer market. Additionally, Indonesia’s digital economy is growing rapidly towards a solid digital community. Digital services such as e-commerce, Fintech and the increasingly growing e-sports become the drivers of the country’s Industry 4.0. Valued at 40 billion US dollar in 2019 and increased to 44 billion US dollar in 2020, Indonesia’s digital economy is well on track to cross the 130 billion US dollar mark by 2025 according to a report prepared by Google and Temasek.

Figures published by the World Bank in 2019 shows that Indonesia’s manufacturing industry accounts for 20 percent of the total economy. In comparison, manufacturing industry in China accounts for 27,1 percent, 25,3 percent in South Korea, 21 percent in Japan, and 19,1 percent in Germany. These figures show that Indonesia is only a few steps away to become in the same league with those industrial countries.

Indonesia’s main industrial sectors are apparel, food and beverage, automotive, electronics and chemical. Some industries are already implementing 4.0 technology, such as textile production. Indonesia has 4.0 factories that produce uniforms from high-tech materials for the use of military personnel and fire brigades across the world, including in Europe. The national industrial transformation is underway and spreading to various sectors supported by a strong digital community with its many start-ups companies, programmers, and software developers.

At Hannover Messe in April 2021, more than 150 Indonesian exhibitors will demonstrate their industrial capability. They will not only show you what they have achieved with 4.0 technology, but also offering worth-grabbing business opportunities. We believe that strong cooperation and connections between supply and value chain providers will further accelerate the world’s economic growth.

This is exactly the viewpoint that Indonesia brings to Hannover Messe 2021 under the tagline “Connect to Accelerate”. Indonesia presents itself as a country that is ready to take an important part in the global supply and value chains. Indonesia stands ready to cooperate with global industries in the form of investment, transfer of technology as well as human resource development.

Indonesia is beyond tourism. Indonesia is your partner for business and investment!”