Google can now guide you around your hotel

Mauntain View – Google has announced that it has added a new feature to its search app on Android, which will help travellers around the world.

According to the search giant, Google can now automatically detect hotel reservations from users’ Gmail inbox and when on a trip, the users will simply be able to ask questions like “show me theatres around my hotel” and Google will list out nearby theatres without the need for the location of users’ hotel.

“Traveling this summer? If your hotel confirmation is in your Gmail account, you can now ask Google for things to do, eat out or go sightsseing. Just tap the mic on the Google app and say “Show me restaurants around my hotel” or “Give me directions to my hotel from here.” You’ll be finding your way around like a local in no time,” Google stated in a press mailing.

The feature will be automatically rolled-out to all Google Search for Android users. Source:  AndroidOS