BAGO : A Sacred Beacon of Tradition and Renewal

BAGO, Myanmar – Amidst the ancient city of Bago, where time weaves a tapestry of history, the Kyaik Pyinnyarya Pagoda stands as a testament to devotion, continuity, and spiritual rejuvenation. On the auspicious day of March 17th, a celestial ceremony unfolded, gracing the pagoda with a diamond bud and a pennant-shaped vane.

A Legacy Carved in Stone

The Kyaik Pyinnyarya Pagoda, perched near Bago University in Ottha Myothit, bears the weight of over a millennium. Constructed by ancient monarchs more than 1,000 years ago, its golden spire pierces the sky, drawing pilgrims and seekers alike. The pagoda’s very stones echo with the whispers of generations past.

Prime Minister’s Homage and Sacred Offerings

In a solemn procession, Chairman of the State Administration Council, Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by his wife, graced the pagoda. Their footsteps reverberated through the hallowed precincts as they paid homage to this historic edifice. With reverence, they presented offerings:

  • Emerald Alms-Bowl: Symbolizing purity and sustenance.
  • Flowers: Fragile blooms, a metaphor for life’s impermanence.
  • Water: The elixir of existence.
  • Oil-Lights: Illuminating the path toward enlightenment.
Nine Precepts and Blessings

Under the guidance of Patron Sayadaw of Kyakhat Wine Sarthintaik in Bago, the Prime Minister, his wife, and the congregation embraced the nine precepts. These sacred vows bind them to compassion, mindfulness, and ethical conduct. In return, they offered holy flowers, water, thread, and sand to the venerable Sayadaws.

Parittasutta and Scattered Blessings

As the sun bathed the pagoda in golden hues, the Sayadaws recited the Parittasutta—a protective chant. The air quivered with blessings as the holy flowers, water, thread, and sand were scattered across the pagoda’s grounds. Each grain of sand carried whispered prayers for peace and prosperity.

Diamond Orb and Pennant-Shaped Vane

The Prime Minister and his family extended their reverence further. They bestowed a diamond orb, a symbol of enlightenment, upon the revered Thanlyin Min Kyaung Sayadaw. To the MyoMa Sayadaw, they offered a pennant-shaped vane, signifying spiritual ascent. These acts of devotion bridge the past and the present, weaving a seamless tapestry of faith.

Shared Merits and Unity

In a harmonious finale, the Joint Secretary of SAC, SAC members, Union Ministers, and the congregation presented donated offertories to the Sayadaws. Gathered under the pagoda’s watchful gaze, they absorbed the sermon delivered by the Thanlyin Min Kyaung  Sayadaw. The shared merits—like ripples in a tranquil pond—spread far and wide.

A Beacon Illuminated

As the diamond bud and pennant-shaped vane now adorn the Kyaik Pyinnyarya Pagoda, they beckon travelers, pilgrims, and seekers. The ancient whispers blend with the present, and the sacred flame continues to burn. In this timeless dance of devotion, Myanmar’s soul finds solace and renewal.