US Congress Approves Ban on TikTok in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. – The US Congress has passed a groundbreaking law aimed at banning the Chinese social media platform TikTok in the United States. This decision marks another step in the increasing tension between the two economic powers and signals the end of the era of globalization in favor of a new block confrontation.

Background and Consequences:
  1. Anti-TikTok Law: The law was passed in the US Senate with an overwhelming majority and is part of a $95 billion defense package. It aims to ban TikTok in the US and to restrict the use of the app.
  2. China as the Adversary: The decision to ban TikTok is a clear signal to China. Millions of Americans spend hours daily on the platform, which concerns both Democrats and Republicans. The accusation is that the app collects sensitive data and poses a potential threat to national security.
  3. Part of a Larger Strategy: The TikTok ban is just one part of a broader strategy to contain China’s growing power. In recent weeks, the US government under President Joe Biden has taken a series of measures, including:
    • Tariff Increases: Tariffs on certain steel and aluminum products from China have tripled.
    • Tech Sanctions and Export Controls: The US has imposed far-reaching sanctions on Chinese technology companies.
    • Capital Flow Screenings: Monitoring of capital flows to China has been intensified.
    • Investigation into Chinese Electric Vehicle Imports: The US government is examining imports of electric vehicles from China.
Global Implications:
  • The decision to ban TikTok is another step in the deepening rivalry between the US and China. It raises questions about digital sovereignty, data privacy, and national security.
  • The EU has also taken steps to regulate Chinese technology companies and reduce their dependence on Chinese products.
  • The era of globalization is increasingly giving way to a new era of geopolitical tensions, where technology and trade become central battlegrounds.

The TikTok decision is a turning point that will profoundly impact US-China relations. The world will watch with anticipation as this confrontation continues to unfold. (zai) Photo: Xinhua