“Trade Expo Indonesia” Successful

Jakarta – Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI), which ended on October 20 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, saw total transactions amounting to USD 1.82 billion, consisting of USD $692.2 million in products, USD 65.9 million in services and USD 1.068 billion in investment. This number increased 82% compared to the transaction results of TEI 2012, which stood at USD 1.0 billion. The total transaction results were announced by Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan in a press conference Thursday at the Ministry of Trade.

The Trade Minister said many transactions conducted outside the TEI have not yet been recorded, as many buyers visited a number of Indonesian producers to see production processes first hand. “If total trade contacts included those still under negotiation, we believe the target of USD 2 billion is very likely to be reached,” he said.

Of the total transactions, transactions of goods stood at 37.91%, services 3.61% and 58.49% investment. The investment will come from 14 countries, including Japan, the UK, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, India, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea, Hungary, and South Africa. Investments were made in mining, manufacturing (tires and glassware), water management, agriculture, commerce, textiles, and medical devices.

The ten product sectors most popular with buyers during TEI 2013 were agricultural products, furniture, autos and parts, coffee, food and beverages, textiles and textile products, electrical and electronic products, goods household, spices, and paper and paper products.

In the services sector, employment in construction and manufacturing, hospitality, oil and gas, spa therapists, information technology, and nurses and caregivers were the most sought. Demand for these sectors was mostly from South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Suriname, Lesotho, PRC, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Iraq, and Chile.

This year’s TEI exhibitors included 1,511 participants from large, medium and small companies, not only from Jakarta and its surroundings, but also from other regions in Indonesia. The exhibition was visited by 9,343 buyers from 118 countries .

The largest buyers by country were the PRC, amounting to 11.84% of total transactions. This was followed by Japan with 6.20%, Australia 5.38%, South Africa 4.78%, India 4.68%, South Korea 4.57%, U.S. 4.18%, Zimbabwe 3.81%, Malaysia 3.66%, and Saudi Arabia 2.93%.

“The composition of buyers at TEI 2013 was highlighted by non-traditional countries with as much as 77.54% of the transactions. TEI newcomer buyers from Suriname, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Algeria, Bulgaria, and Cameroon also recorded significant transactions, which suggests that the market diversification policy by the government is developing,” said the Minister.

TEI 2013 achievements are inseparable from the active role of RI Representatives abroad, as Embassies, Commercial Attaches, and the Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) were all active in promoting TEI 2013. In addition, TEI’s success owes to the support of the Ministry and other related Institutions.

Indonesian exporters and foreign importers (buyers) from South Africa, Australia, and Japan signed Memorandums of Understanding for cooperation in the fields of construction, paper products, tea, and natural honey. The Minister affirmed that cooperation in trade, especially for high quality and value-added products, will be encouraged continuously.

Various events were also conducted during TEI 2013, including the ‘Trade & Investment Forum’, which was attended by more than 700 businessmen from home and abroad. Additionally, a ‘Business & Investment Forum’ organized by BKPM (Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board) / BKPMD (Indonesian Regional Investment Coordination Board) with foreign business representatives premiered, bringing buyers from 26 countries together with TEI participants.

For more information, please visit www.tradexpoindonesia.com/ and www.kemendag.go.id/. Source: ACN Newswire