Thai mini-marathon takes runners through the sea

Thai mini marathon

Bangkok – The world’s only mini-marathon that covers a run through the sea to an offshore island is to be held on 29 June, in Chumphon province, one of Thailand’s most beautiful coastal regions, 468 kilometres south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand.

Known as the “Annual Run through the Sea to Pithak Island, 10th Lang Suan Mini Marathon”, the 14-km race requires competitors to cover the final kilometre by running through about 30 centimetres of low-tide seawater from the mainland to Pithak Island.

The event is organised by the Chumphon Provincial Administrative Organisation, Bang Num Jued Sub-district Administration Organisation, Paknam Lang Suan Sub-district Administrative Organisation with the support of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Chumphon Office and a number of public and private sector organisations.

It is intended to promote and publicise health tourism and ecotourism in Chumphon, one of Thailand’s new and emerging destinations bordered by Myanmar to the West and the Gulf of Thailand to the East.

From the starting point near the Chakri Naruebet Ship Model in Paknam Lang Suan, runners cover a beautiful coastal road before hitting the last kilometre stretch to Pithak Island.

Another shorter marathon, called “Run Fun Run”, covers only 3.5 kilometres from the starting point at the Mu 12 village centre in Lang Suan district but also ending at Pithak Island.

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said, “We invite runners from all over the world to take part in this unique mini-marathon. There is nothing quite like this anywhere in the world, presenting a wonderful opportunity for running enthusiasts to compete in a race with a difference.”