Thai airlines to resume operations in May/June

Bangkok –  Thailand’s low-cost airlines are planning to resume flights with strict flight criteria in May and June to reduce the possibility of infections with Covid-19. 

Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Thai AirAsia and Thai Lion are all due to resume their domestic flights.

‘Nok Air’

Only Thai Lion has not yet released details of the destinations that will be served from its Bangkok base at Don Mueang Airport. The website indicates that bookings for flights in May have not been opened. Nok Air is an exception, as it maintained certain services operating on domestic routes in April, when other airlines were shut down.

Over the last few weeks, Nok Air has gradually reduced its operation, but on the basis of OAG schedules and various airline announcements, Nok Air has continued to offer domestic flights during April.

According to its planned flights to GDS for May, the airline will offer 384 weekly flights.

‘Bangkok Airways’

Bangkok Airways says it will resume services on or after 1 May, but reservations are only possible on or after 1 June.

Based on GDS information, the airline will operate 224 weekly flights, down from 863 weekly flights prior to the national shutdown.

The airline’s provisional plans posted on the booking site indicate that flights will use the 70-seat ATR72 rather than the 180-seat Airbus 320 in June.

Advance information suggests that the following destinations will be served from Bangkok.

  • Bangkok to Koh Samui – 56 weekly
  • Bangkok to Chiang Mai – 14 weekly
  • Bangkok to Phuket – 14 weekly
  • Bangkok to Lampang – 7 weekly
  • Bangkok to Sukhothai – 7 weekly
  • Bangkok to Trat – 7 weekly
  • Bangkok to Sukhothai – 7 weekly
  • Phuket – Koh Samui – 7 weekly

International Airline services will resume at the end of October.

‘Thai AirAsia’

Thai AirAsia plans to resume flights on selected domestic routes in May. As of the week beginning on Sunday 3 May, the airline is expected to have 214 weekly flights over 2,560 weekly flights scheduled for 15 March (OAG schedules).

Waiting for government approval

All the timetables depend on the government’s approval and compliance with the measures taken by the civil aviation authority in Thailand to meet the requirements of public health.

Airlines will have to comply with the social distance rules, which means that they will have to leave empty seats in each cabin row. All passengers must wear a face mask throughout their journey. There will be no drinks or food.

Fares will increase due to fewer seats available, but this could be offset to some degree by lower fuel costs, which are currently the lowest recorded since the 1950s. (TTRWeekly)