Telekom presents AI smartphone without apps

BARCELONA – At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​Deutsche Telekom caused a stir when it presented the world’s first AI smartphone that does not require any conventional apps. This visionary concept promises a revolution in the field of mobile communication and raises exciting questions: How does the AI ​​smartphone work? What expectations are associated with this? And when can users get their hands on it?

The “magenta concierge”: An AI assistant for all situations

The heart of the AI ​​smartphone is the “magenta concierge”, an assistant based on artificial intelligence. Instead of a multitude of apps, this digital companion takes on all the tasks that arise in everyday life. Whether it’s travel planning, shopping, video creation, or photo editing, the concierge understands the users’ needs and takes care of the details. A simple voice command is enough, and the intelligent assistant obeys your every word.

How does the AI ​​smartphone work?

Deutsche Telekom worked with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and on this visionary concept. Together they created an app-free interface that controls the AI ​​intuitively. Depending on the context, the “magenta concierge” independently selects the appropriate applications. This allows users to focus on what they want instead of how to get it.’s AI, also known as Natural AI, creates its own interface for each request or task and relieves users of a variety of tasks.

Expectations for Deutsche Telekom and its new phone users

The introduction of the AI ​​smartphone marks a milestone for Deutsche Telekom. As a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, the company relies on innovations that improve and simplify the lives of customers. The “magenta concierge” is intended to become a real everyday helper that meets needs and revolutionizes digital life.

For users, the AI ​​smartphone means a new era of smartphone use. No more countless apps, no more tedious searches in the App Store – instead a seamless experience in which the assistant acts in the background and supports the user.

It is still unclear how the app community will react to this phone revolution and whether Telekom may intend to involve the app manufacturers in the concept. Last but not least, it’s also a lot of money that the developers would lose. And how will Google and Apple react to this Telekom concept? Lots of questions that need to be answered.

Availability and price

The AI ​​smartphone is currently considered as a concept phone. It is currently unknown when Telekom will bring the phone onto the market. There is also no word on the exact price. The exact specifications and other details will be revealed in the coming months.

The future of smartphones is app-free, and Deutsche Telekom is boldly moving forward with the “Magenta Concierge”. It will be interesting to see how this innovative concept will change mobile communication. (zia)