SOJERN: Asia Pacific travel trends and insights

SAN FRANCISCO – South Korea is allowing for more travel flexibility for vaccinated travelers (no quarantine necessary).

Australian tourism board is heavily promoting longer domestic vacations. Also, the Australian government appears to be eyeing a mid-2022 border re-opening.

Covid cases continue to be near record highs in India, and state governments extended strict lockdown measures.

Singapore and Taiwan experienced a spike in covid cases. so both countries have reinstated some lockdown measures.

This has indefinitely delayed the Hong Kong / Singapore travel bubble. Additionally, Hong Kong is setting stricter rules for travellers from Taiwan (21 day quarantine).

Thailand and Malaysia continue to experience record high covid cases. Lockdowns have been reinstated.

Thailand’s planned July 1 re-opening for tourists will likely get delayed because of the current outbreak.

Indonesia’s domestic travel was strong in the past 2 weeks because of the Eid al-Fitr holidays. Government shorten holiday to discourage returning to hometowns to try and control a spike in cases.

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