Singapore: 21-day quarantine for all travelers

SINGAPORE – Singapore on Tuesday rolled out a slew of tightened measures against Covid-19, in line with the local and global Covid-19 situation.

Starting from 11:59 p.m. on May 7, all new travelers arriving from higher risk countries or regions will be subject to 21-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) instead of 14 days at dedicated SHN facilities, said the Ministry of Health in a statement.

Moreover, from May 8 to May 30, up to 50 percent of employees who are able to work from home are allowed to return to the workplace, down from the current 75 percent:

The size of the social group will be reduced from the current up to eight persons to five persons. The cap of eight distinct visitors per household per day will also be reduced to five distinct visitors per household per day.

The number of locally transmitted Covid-19 cases and unlinked community cases has continued to increase recently, with a total of 60 new cases being identified within the community in the past week.

“We will remain vigilant and continue to monitor other higher-risk settings and activities such as indoor sports halls and personalized services, such as massages, spas and facials.

If the community cases situation does not improve, we will consider taking further actions on these higher-risk settings and activities,” said MOH in the statement.