Sabah kidnappings have negative impact on Malaysia’s tourism

Kuala Lumpur – The Sabah kidnappings have more negative impact than the MH370 accident on Malaysia’s tourism, Malaysian Tourism Minister Nazri said at the Congress.

He said, after several Chinese visitors were kidnapped in Sabah, China, Britain, America and Germany have suggested to their nationals to reconsider their trips to Malaysia and there are many tourists who have already canceled their trips for security reasons. By the end of April, China had canceled a total of 76 flights to Sabah.

He also revealed that over 30,000 international tourists have canceled their trips since the MH370 incident and the Sabah kidnappings just made the situation worse.

The Sabah government has promised to continue strengthening security and make sure there won’t be more accidents.

Nazri hoped the relevant local departments should keep their word and restore the reputation of Malaysian tourism as soon as possible. Source: Xinhua