Premier Li in Germany: “China to further open its economy”

Hamburg – China Premier Li has wrapped up his visit to Germany. During the state visit he promised that his country would further open up to foreign investment and cooperation. He has also said that foreign enterprises would be given greater access to the Chinese market as that is central to creating a more competitive and innovative domestic economy. 

After noting that one in every three shipping containers in Hamburg’s harbor is now heading to or arriving from China, premier Li Keqiang said his country was on track for GDP growth of around seven and a half percent this year.

But he also acknowledged more needed to be done from fighting pollution to maintaining economic momentum.

“This will require setting up an environment for competition and this means opening up market access and creating a level playing ground,” Li Keqiang said.

Li said greater access would lead to more innovation by Chinese companies adding that he hoped the workforce would drive much of that innovation.

“There’s enough talk of strategic partnership, there’s enough talk of trade relationship it really is what do you do next in terms of developing China, in terms of sustainable growth because as we said at this summit it’s win win if you actually get growth in China it helps us here in Europe as well,” Shada Islam, Head of Policy Oversight of Friends of Europe said.

Premier Li also said China was prepared to play a more prominent role in tackling global issues like climate change, terrorism and the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

“The world is undergoing complicated changes and China is an important force in upholding world peace and stability,” Li Keqiang said.

The speech capped Li’s trip to Germany that included multi-billion dollar deals with companies like Volkswagen and Daimler.

European aircraft maker Airbus also got the green light for a second plant in China and sealed a deal to deliver 70 planes worth almost seven billion dollars. Source: CNTV