PATA announces PATA Gold Awards 2020 winners

BANGKOK – The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) today announced the winners of the PATA Gold Awards 2020. Proudly supported and sponsored by the Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO) for the last 25 years, this year’s awards recognise the achievements of 23 organisations and individuals.

PATA presented 20 Gold Awards to such organisations as Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts; Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka; Designated Areas for Sustainable Development Administration (DASTA); Kazakh Tourism National Company JSC; Macao Government Tourism Office; Mekong River Tourism; Outrigger Hospitality Group; Sampan Travel; SriLankan Airlines Ltd.; Taylor’s University; Tourism Authority of Thailand, and TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd.

The winners were announced during the Online PATA Gold Awards Presentation as part of Virtual PATA Travel Mart 2020, taking place from September 23-27. 

Ms Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of MGTO, said, “I commend all PATA Gold Awards participants for keeping alive the spirit of innovation, helping to raise the bar across all sectors of the industry. As we look forward to restarting tourism in the ‘new normal’, more than ever we will have to come up with solutions ‘outside the box’ to ensure that tourism is not only safe, but also seamless and appealing. Macao is honored for its long-standing support to PATA in this inspiring initiative, on our way to transform the city into a world centre of tourism and leisure.”

PATA CEO Dr. Mario Hardy added, “On behalf of PATA, I would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all PATA Gold Award winners and Grand Title winners, and I would also like to thank all of this year’s participants. The achievements of this year’s winners will hopefully inspire and encourage our industry to create new responsible and sustainable initiatives as we look towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the first year that we announced the winners live and it was an absolute pleasure to celebrate their accomplishments during the Online PATA Gold Awards Presentation.”

The PATA Grand Title Winners were presented to outstanding entries in three principal categories: Marketing, Sustainability, and Human Capital Development.

Kerala Tourism, India received the PATA Gold Award 2020 Grand Title Winner in Marketing for Education and Training for its “Human by Nature Print Campaign”. In August 2018, unprecedented heavy Monsoon rain devastated Kerala. The ordinary people of Kerala, the fishermen, students, working professionals, and villagers emerged as the Heroes of the Flood. The campaign is drawn from the everyday life of people in the five diverse terrains of Kerala and explores the fascinating ‘humanscape’ of the land. The idea emerged from travellers who began to perceive ‘human’ encounters in Kerala as a unique, enriching experience. Moreover, the campaign which promotes ordinary people as brand ambassadors of the land is built on the idea of a common humanity that connects the travellers with Keralites and the fact that everyday life in its reality is one of the most exceptional experiences that Kerala offers.

The Grand Title Winner in Sustainability was presented to YAANA Ventures, Thailand, for the Anurak Community Lodge. Anurak Community Lodge in Surat Thani province, southern Thailand, is a Travelife Gold certified eco-lodge for active lifestyle visitors who respect nature and local community traditions. Surrounded by spectacular limestone karst scenery, the lodge is an ideal base to explore adjacent Khao Sok National Park and majestic Chiew Larn Lake. Anurak’s operation since opening in 2016 has been guided by an ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle. Guests and staff are encouraged to save energy and water. Single-use plastic, Styrofoam and cardboard plates are banned. Plastic straws have been replaced with bamboo and metal ones. An onsite recycling station has been set up, along with a composting area. A grey water treatment filter system for laundry wastewater is in place. Water from that system is being used on the Rainforest Rising project, Anurak’s project to  return two rai (3,226 sqm; 0.8 acres) of former palm oil plantation beside the lodge to indigenous lowland evergreen forest by 2023.

The Grand Title Winner in Human Capital Development was bestowed to MGM China, Macao, China for its “Unleashing Greatness – MGM’s Human Capital Development Initiative”. Guided by MGM’s vision of “Unleashing Greatness for all”, they aim to unleash the greatness of their constituents through sustainable development of its employees, communities and responsible tourism. They build a sustainable world-class hospitality workforce with a strong learning culture that engages employees and lifelong learning. Their best-in-class 74 training hours per head per year validates our commitment and achievement in this endeavor. MGM practices responsible citizenships to ensure localization of staff and the sustainable development of its extended communities. Their initiatives include scholarships for local students, internship opportunities, community outreach program, youth leadership development, etc. One example is its pioneering free online sign language lessons to the community in Macao, China.

Open to both PATA and non-PATA members, this year’s Awards attracted a total of 121 entries from 62 travel and tourism organisations and individuals.

PATA Grand Title Winners 2020 

  1. PATA Grand Title Winner 2020
    Human By Nature Print Campaign
    Kerala Tourism, India
  2. PATA Grand Title Winner 2020
    Anurak Community Lodge
    YAANA Ventures, Thailand
  3. PATA Grand Title Winner 2020
    Human Capital Development
    Unleashing Greatness – MGM’s Human Capital Development Initiative
    MGM China, Macao, China

PATA Gold Award Winners 2020

  1. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Marketing Campaign (National – Asia)
    Macao’s Mobile Cafe 2019
    Macao Government Tourism Office USA, Macao, China
  2. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Marketing Campaign (State and city – Global)
    Script Your Adventure 2019
    Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka, India
  3. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Marketing – Carrier
    Next Door Neighbors
    SriLankan Airlines Ltd., Sri Lanka
  4. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Marketing – Hospitality
    Pu’er Red Panda Manor
    Mekong River Tourism, China
  5. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Marketing – Industry
    Slow Travel Myanmar
    Sampan Travel, Myanmar
  6. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Digital Marketing Campaign
    Sustainable Gastronomy – The Great Green Food Journey, Macao, Celebrating Creativity, Sustainability and Culture
    Macao Government Tourism Office, Macao, Chin 
  7. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Printed Marketing Campaign
    Taichung – Perfect Weekend
    Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taichung City Government, Chinese Taipei
  1. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Travel Video
    Kazakh Tourism National Company JSC, Kazakhstan 
  2. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Travel Photograph
    A Beautiful Bond, Ban Nong Bua Elephant Village, Surin
    Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand
  3. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Destination Article
    Thai Left Bank
    Dr. John Borthwick, Australia 
  4. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Business Article
    Food For The Soul
    TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd, Singapore
  5. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Climate Change Initiative
    Outrigger’s Zone (OZONE)
    Outrigger Hospitality Group, Hawaii 
  6. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Community and Social Responsibility
    Banyan Tree 25th Anniversary Global Sustainability Initiatives
    Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Singapore
  7. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Community based Tourism
    Community Homestay Network
    Royal Mountain Travel, Nepal
  8. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Alishan Tea Culture Performance and Sustainable Development
    Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Chinese Taipei
  9. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Rainforest Ecolodge (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
  10. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Tourism for All
    Virtual Tourism for Senior Citizens
    Taylor’s University, Malaysia
  11. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Women Empowerment Initiative
    Supporting and Promoting Women’s Career Development of Tourism Products of the “Nan-Ner-Jaow” Brand
    Designated Areas for Sustainable Development Administration (DASTA), Thailand
  12. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Youth Empowerment Initiative
    DASTA NAN Youth Club (DNYC)
    Designated Areas for Sustainable Development Administration (DASTA), Thailand
  13. PATA Gold Award 2020
    Human Capital Development Initiative
    The IFTM Tourism Education Student Summit (TEd Summit) Event
    Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China