Palm Oil industry drives the Indonesian economy

JAKARTA / HANNOVER – This year, Indonesia is an Official Partner Country for Hannover Messe (HM), an exhibition that focuses on a variety of current issues of technology and manufacturing industry solutions, such as industrial automation and IT (Industry 4.0), sustainable energy and environmental technologies, energy efficiency, research and technology transfer, robotics and any other technology. This can be an opportunity for Indonesia to present Indonesia to the world in an effort to transform the economy, especially in the industrial sector 4.0 as well as efforts to restore the national economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Palm Oil industry has been an engine that drives the Indonesian economy, as well as improving life for so many people, provide them with access to education, health service, technology and information. it is time to share those benefits to communities around the world.

Palm oil is the most strategic commodity for Indonesia. It contributes to government revenues, profits for companies, employment, and raises income for smallholder farmers.

BPDPKS was established in 2015 to foster development and sustainability of the palm oil sector through prudent, transparent, and accountable funds management. As a fund management agency, BPDPKS ensures that the „from palm oil to palm oil” principle is implemented in every program. Our program includes providing support for national mandatory biodiesel programs, replanting for smallholders, the palm oil industry facilities and infrastructure provisions, research and development, human resources development, promotion and advocation programs.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, in his short message emphasized that the Indonesian palm oil industry has provides the country with healthy food, renewable energy, and products that have been used as part of daily life. Widodo: “We are transforming the palm oil industry by incorporating best agricultural and sustainable practices into each aspect of its business decision, so its journey to your home is not only mean as commercial endeavor, but also commitment for a better tomorrow and to future generations”.

At the HANOVER MESSE there will be various live streaming presentations, delivered by several prominent persons:

  1. Mahendra Siregar, vice-minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia with the title ‘Indonesia Palm Oil: Our Commitment to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’
  2. Ir. Musdhalifah Machmud, MT, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs for the Republic of Indonesia with title “Palm for Food: Policy Perspective”
  3. Ir. Dadan Kusdiana, M.Sc. Director General of New Renewable energy and energy conservation with title “Palm for Renewable Energy: Policy Perspective – We manage it, so it will not be detrimental for Human Food Supply”
  4. Sahat M.Sinaga, chief of Masyarakat Biohidrokarbon Indonesia with the title „Empowering Small Holders through Corporatization of The Small and Advancement of Processing Technology for Industrial Vegetable Oil“
  5. Ir. Tatang Hernas, researcher in Bandung Institute of Technology with the title „The Magic of Palm Oil: The Goodness that we are willing to share with you“
  6. Paulus Tjakrawan, vice chairperson Indonesia Biofuels Producer Association (IBPA) with the title „Palm Oil Based Biodiesel: Journey for Renewable and Affordable Energy”
  7. Puspo Edi Griwono, PhD, chief of SEAFAST Center with the title „Health Aspect of Palm Oil”

For more information:

Mr. Sulthan Muhammad Yusa
Division Head of Social Institution and Civil Society BPDPKS
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