Middle East conflict: Airlines cancel flights

Frankfurt a. M. – The recent military actions in the Middle East have far-reaching consequences for travel. The escalation between Israel and Iran in particular is affecting the airlines’ flight routes and security measures. Here are the key points:

Iran attacks Israel: On the night of April 14, Iran directly attacked Israel for the first time with more than 200 drones and missiles. Israel’s army was able to repel most of the attacks, but the situation remains tense.

Flight cancellations and route changes:

Lufthansa has suspended regular flights to Tel Aviv, Erbil (Iraq) and Amman (Jordan) up to and including Monday. Flights to Beirut and Tehran will remain canceled until at least Thursday.

KLM has canceled all flights to Tel Aviv until Tuesday.

Other airlines affected: easyJet, Wizz Air, Finnair, United Airlines, Air Canada, Qantas Airways and China Southern Airlines.

Travel warning from the Foreign Office

German citizens are asked to leave Iran. The international airport in Tehran will remain closed until Monday morning.

Israel and the Gaza Strip are also affected by travel warnings. We warn against traveling to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Unsafe situation

The situation is unpredictable as Israel’s reactions to the attack could vary. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has warned of further escalations, and the global community is working to defuse tensions.

The violence in the Middle East not only affects local security, but also international air traffic. Travelers should follow current developments closely and therefore prepare for possible changes. (zai)