Malaysia-China halal enterprises association to be set up

Kula Lumpur – SM International Wholesale (China) Centre Sdn Bhd (SMITC), Small Medium Industry Association of Malaysia and Port Klang Free Zone Sdn.Bhd co-signed the memorandum of cooperation to set up Malaysia-China halal enterprises association to serve halal industry in both countries Friday.

SMITC president Xia Baowen said, in the 40th year of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations, Malaysia president Najib visited China to achieve great results and signed a series of cooperation agreements for the future of cooperation and communication of the two countries.

He said “China and Malaysia are the important trade partners. Against the background of over 100 billion U.S. dollar bilateral trade volume, we decide to set the Malaysia-China halal enterprises association. It is significant to halal industry’s development and cooperation of both countries and also is the great chance to Chinese halal industry to go abroad.”

Port Klang Free Zone CEO Xie Guanlong said, the Malaysia-China halal enterprises association is not only a platform for Chinese halal industry in Malaysia, but will also boost the development of halal products in China. Therefore, Port Klang Free Zone will support the development of the association.

Small Medium Industry Association of Malaysia Deputy President Jiang Huaqiang said, the association will be a great stage for the two countries’ businesses. It will choose 100 companies which are the most representative in each country to compose a halal consortium.

Malaysia-China halal enterprises association will be formally established by the end of August. Source: Xinhua