FTI Touristik: All upcoming trips cancelled

MUNICH – The well-known travel group FTI Touristik is facing a major challenge: Due to current difficulties, the company has decided to cancel all planned trips for the next four weeks.

This extraordinary measure affects trips until July 5th inclusive. In an official statement from the company’s headquarters in Munich, it was announced that this decision was made in cooperation with the provisional insolvency administrator and the travel security fund. The cancellation includes all bookings that were planned through the main brand FTI Touristik as well as the associated sales brands 5vorFlug and BigXtra Touristik.

This development is a significant step for the company, which is in provisional insolvency. The decision to cancel trips is part of a comprehensive plan to secure the future of the group and protect the interests of customers. The travel security fund, which serves as financial protection for travelers, plays an essential role in this. It ensures that customers affected by the cancellations are compensated accordingly.

The current situation is disappointing for many travelers, but the safety and well-being of customers are FTI Touristik’s top priority. The company is working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure smooth handling of the cancellations. Customers affected by the cancellations are being contacted and informed about their options. FTI Touristik asks all affected customers for understanding and patience during this challenging time.

The company’s next steps will be crucial in regaining customer trust and laying the foundation for a successful future. FTI Touristik is committed to communicating transparently and taking all necessary measures to stabilize the situation and resume operations as quickly as possible. Further information and updates on the current situation are expected shortly. (zai)