China-Premier Li besucht Bangkok (E)

Bangkok, 12.10.2013 – Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Thailand on the second leg of his maiden trip to Southeast Asia since he took office in March. On Friday he met Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in Bangkok.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in the Thai capital for a two day visit before moving on to Vietnam.

Premier Li received the rare honor to be invited to speak before the Thai parliament. He is the first foreign leader to do so in more than a decade.

The number of key issues to be discussed with the Thai government, range from a possible visa-waiver for tourists, to trade agreements and cooperation on security issues.

“China has shown interest in developing Thailand’s high speed train. We agreed to work at a governmental level and Thailand plans to cover the costs by delivering agricultural products to China”, said Yingluck.

Premier Li emphazised the importance of Thailand’s success to China’s future prospects.

“China thinks the prosperity of Thailand can offer opportunities to China, and China’s prosperity can also provide Thailand with opportunities for development. Thus we should enhance political mutual trust,” Li said. Source: CCTV