China: creates 35,000 jobs for virus victims

Beijing – Chinese e-commerce giant and its partner, Dada Group, announced they’re creating 35,000 jobs for those unable to work due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

“The move aims to minimize the impact of the epidemic on employment in the short term, and to help tide small and medium enterprises over during the period, and overall support stable employment, while seeking to minimize the overall impact of the virus on employment and people’s livelihoods,” the company said in a statement announcing the news on its website.

The jobs include full- and part-time positions that include warehouse workers, couriers and drivers. For those who can’t commute, customer service positions allow for working from home.

Employees hired during this time will have a special onboarding process and be given medical supplies such as face masks.

“They will also be given regular temperature checks and disinfections to ensure the overall safety of the work environment, and will receive coronavirus-related insurance,” the company said. is no stranger to innovating during public health crises. It originated as a brick-and-mortar store in Beijing in 1998, but relaunched as an online business following the SARS epidemic in 2004. (Reuters)