China and Malaysia work closely to search for missing plane

Beijing/Kuala Lumpur – A delegation from China’s Public Security Ministry is in Malaysia on a joint search mission. Liao Jinrong, the ministry’s Chief of International Cooperation said in a media briefing that they will continue the search mission despite difficulties.

“We’ve been here for more than thirty hours. We’re working with the Malaysian side all day long, analysing key information together, and making decisions accordingly. We then work separately before we meet again discussing what we’ve found and decide on the next step of work. Interpol and police from other countries have offered great help to us. I think, currently, the bilateral cooperation has been smooth, and highly effective as well.” Liao Jinrong, chief of int’l cooperation of China public security ministry, said.

Liao also said that it is difficult for them to decide on the exact search site. Their efforts mainly focus on surrounding areas linked to the missing plane. He promised to investigate thoroughly into any lead, even those of tiny clues. As for the two passengers who boarded the plane with stolen passports, Liao said there’s no evidence suggesting a direct link between them and the missing plane. He also noted that they will not release unconfirmed information, as it may mislead the public. Source: CCTV