CeBIT 2018 : “Smart Home” and “Smart Building”

Hannover – “CEBIT has taken the right step: it will transform from the traditional computer- or PC trade fair- – and goodbye to this old form. With the very beginning of the internet era, for years the trade fair has been moving in a completely different direction with all its „bits & bytes“.”

Guest comment by Jan Nintemann, Founder of the Competence Center “Center of Smart Building”

“Just as we recognized over 30 years ago that computers would conquer the world of work (and dominate our private lives), today we must recognize that digitalization is conquering the whole world. Artificial intelligence has now escaped the casing of a computer and is interconnecting nearly everything…this is clearly an irreversible path.

In the age of digitalization one now imagines in how many, completely different and internet-compatible hardware components and devices, which are no longer called telephone and computers, but smartphones and smart home control panels, even more intelligent, smart and interconnected software solutions today and in future are involved which simply need to be adapted, installed, used and, above all secured. Then perhaps one can recognize the enormous challenges that companies face.

It‘s no wonder they turn to ICT channel partners to advise, implement and maintain their digitalization programs. These partners, in turn, adapt their shopping baskets and tailor their services so that they can offer holistic smart solutions from a single source. For this reason the NEW CEBIT is truly more important than ever before. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said at an event in Amsterdam: „… the training has to be adapted to the requirements of the future.

The most important investment is the one in people – already at school, children have to learn the basics of programming…which is more important in the future than learning a foreign language.“ Do not miss the NEW CEBIT, do not sit at home and instead see the added value possibilities of new solutions in the digital age as your opportunity.

CEBIT is the most important platform for creating new business opportunities and gaining new contacts so that you can also retain your position on the market in future. The complexity of the digitalization processes, especially also in the Smart Home and Smart Building sector, ultimately offers the value-added distributors and resellers as well as the system houses and/or system integrators the opportunity to assert themselves via the IT competence and quality of their services vis à vis competitors, instead of exposing themselves exclusively to the extremely tough conditions of retail product sales with big margin problems.

Project planning, system integration, installation of complex products requiring personal support from experts – in my opinion that secures the value-added possibilities in what is one of the economically most significant sectors of the unstoppable digitalization: the Smart Home and Smart Building technologies. Come to the NEW CEBIT and exhibit in our Planet Channel Area, where the future of reselling meets the current trends of digitalization – and meet the spirit of optimism, which reminiscent of the young CEBIT of the 80s!”

Jan Nintemann is the CEO of  GLOBAL FAIRS TT-MESSE.

Photo: Angela von Brill