BEPAHKUPI Startup promotes Indonesian coffee

JAKARTA/HANNOVER – The Startup „Bepahkupi“ is one of Indonesia’s representatives at this years Vitual HANNOVER MESSE (April 12-16). Indonesia is this year‘s Partner Country.

„Bepahkupi“ is a startup that focuses on the world’s coffee needs and the welfare of Indonesian coffee farmers. Bepahkupi gave birth to  a “farmers to customer concepts“ in order to improve the long distribution chain, and collaborate with technology to create a wider market ecosystem in order to improve the economy of Indonesian coffee farmers.

The startup further educates coffee farmers so that the productivity and quality of Indonesian coffee can compete on an international scale.






BEPAHKUPI CEO Maulana Wiga (Center)

„Bepahkupi“ is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) in developing the startup. „Bepahkupi“ is a graduate of the Telkom Indonesia’s Indigo Creative Nation Incubator.

„Bepahkupi“ and Indonesian coffee farmers also continue to develop certified organic coffee. Bepahkupi is committed to organizing Indonesian coffee and distributing Indonesian coffee to the global market. The startup is therefore also supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

At the Hannover Messe 2021, „Bepahkupi“ launched the „BEKAFE Application“ which makes it easy for all coffee lovers around the world to get coffee directly from Indonesian farmers with only one click. This Application also brings all Coffee Shop outlets closer to Indonesian coffee farmers.

As well as in its development, the BEKAFE Application will become an Investment Center for Indonesian Coffee Farming. BEKAFE will be available on the Play Store / App Store and will officially start to operate in Indonesia in July 2021.

Maulana Wiga, as CEO of Bepahkupi emphazised that the BEKAFE Application will make it easier for Indonesian coffee farming to enter the international market. It can also encourage the creation of a GO-GLOBAL coffee farming ecosystem and Support Fair Trade in order to create prosperity for Coffee Farmers in Indonesia.

Bepahkupi hopes that through the Hannover Messe event, Bepahkupi can connect with many parties who have roles in the fields of Technology and Food Agriculture so that they can collaborate and create quality products and have new markets to be enjoyed by consumers in Indonesia and abroad.

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