Bangkok: Three people shot in popular shopping mall

BANGKOK – A tragic event shook the Thai capital today. At least three people have died in the popular Siam Paragon Mall in central Bangkok. A 14-year-old boy is the suspect. The police were able to arrest him after an hour-long manhunt.

What was the trigger for this cruel act? According to the initial investigation, it was said to have been a dispute between the shooter and another young person. The shooter became enraged and fired indiscriminately at passers-by. The victims included two women and a man who had nothing to do with the conflict.

How is the public reacting to the incident? People in Bangkok are shocked and mourning the deaths. Many are calling for stricter controls on firearms, which are easy to obtain in Thailand. Others condemn the culture of violence that leads young people to commit such acts. The government has promised a complete investigation into the case and condoled with the relatives of the victims.

What happens next with the perpetrator? The 14-year-old must appear before a juvenile court. He is charged with murder, attempted murder, and illegal possession of a weapon. He faces a long prison sentence, possibly even life. His motive remains unclear. He should be psychologically examined to determine whether he is responsible or not. (ZI)