AUTO CHINA 2024: China Showcasing its latest EV-models

BEIJING – The 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, commonly known as Auto China 2024, has become a global stage for innovation, where Chinese automakers are redefining the very concept of automobiles. These companies, once relatively unknown in the Western world, are now making waves by showcasing their latest models that dominate the electronic sector.

The Electric Revolution

China’s electric vehicle (EV) market has witnessed an unprecedented surge, driven by government incentives and a growing environmental consciousness. EV sales accounted for 25% of new car sales last year, significantly impacting the market for gasoline-powered vehicles. But it’s not just about the powertrain; Chinese car manufacturers have taken inspiration from Tesla and gone beyond, adding digital features and connectivity that resonate with a younger, tech-savvy audience.

The Chinese Approach: A Living Space on Wheels

At Auto China 2024, Chinese automakers are unveiling cars that redefine the driving experience. Here are some highlights:

  1. ZEEKR Mix: Imagine turning the front bucket seats 180 degrees to face the rear seats, creating a cozy space for passengers to play cards or enjoy a meal. ZEEKR, part of the Geely group, introduces the ZEEKR Mix as an intelligent living room on wheels. It features a large flat screen and promises to be the company’s fifth model when it hits the market later this year.
  2. BYD Qin L Dm-i: BYD, China’s largest EV maker, is expanding rapidly into overseas markets. Their low-priced Dolphin Mini (known as the Seagull in China) is making waves in Latin America. With digital connectivity and smart features, it’s a testament to the evolving Chinese automotive landscape.
  3. Hybrids and Dual-Mode Cars: Hybrids, which have trailed EVs in China, are expected to grow. BYD showcased two “dual-mode” plug-in cars that can run either solely on electricity or as hybrids.
The Battle for Market Shares

While Chinese automakers set their sights on global expansion, American and German car manufacturers are fighting to maintain their market share in China. The competition is fierce, and both sides are upping their game:

  • Chinese Appetite for the West: Chinese car manufacturers are eyeing the Western market, offering lower-priced products with cutting-edge features. Their goal? To conquer new territories beyond China’s borders.
  • Western Upgrades: American and German carmakers are investing in electronic entertainment tools to meet Chinese standards. They recognize that success in China is crucial for their global standing.As an example: In addition to the new VW ID.Code, there are further plans for China: The ID family in the People’s Republic is expected to grow to 16 models by 2030. The first model of the new VW ID.UX sub-brand, the ID.Unix, is planned for 2024: a Cupra Tavascan with the VW logo that will roll off the assembly line in the new VW factory in Anhui.
The Road Ahead

Auto China 2024 is a battleground where innovation meets ambition. As Chinese automakers redefine the car as a living space, the automotive industry is witnessing a seismic shift. Buckle up; the ride has just begun.

The 18th edition of the exhibition, which alternates with Auto Shanghai, is held under the theme “New Era, New Cars” opened on April 25th and is open to the public until 4 May 2024.

(hz)  Photo: Volkswagen