Lufthansa honored for environmental management

FRANKFURT – The Lufthansa Airlines hub in Frankfurt has been successfully validated for the first time in accordance with the demanding European EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) regulation. Lufthansa Airlines is thus also setting an important example of corporate environmental responsibility at its Frankfurt location.

The auditor particularly emphasized the successful integration of the Frankfurt site into the environmental management system already in place at the Munich hub. The motivation of the employees and environmental coordinators was also expressly praised.

“We are very pleased about this significant step that we were able to achieve with the successful implementation. A professionally implemented and structured environmental management system leads to systematic and sustainable improvements. Our employees are also highly committed to our environmental goals,” says Jens Ritter, CEO of Lufthansa Airlines.

EMAS is a system for environmental management and auditing developed by the European Union, whose regulation companies can adapt voluntarily. In this process, the company’s environmental management system is reviewed in detail by external auditors.

EMAS at Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines introduced a certified environmental management system at its Munich location back in 2018. In May 2023, the airline had itself audited and validated again according to EMAS together with Lufthansa CityLine. Now the Frankfurt site is being added, and with that Lufthansa Airlines is publishing a joint environmental statement for both sites and Lufthansa CityLine. Link:

Lufthansa CityLine was the first airline worldwide to adopt an environmental concept 23 years ago. The Italian airline Air Dolomiti, which belongs to Lufthansa Airlines, is also EMAS-validated.

Following the successful introduction of the environmental management system at the Frankfurt site, Lufthansa Airlines will undergo a joint validation process for the two hub sites in Munich and Frankfurt, including Lufthansa CityLine, in 2024 and drive forward the efficient design of the environmental management system.

Lufthansa Airlines: “We take off to take care”

In accordance with its basic orientation “We take off to take care”, Lufthansa Airlines continuously initiates projects and measures with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of flying and always using the resources required as efficiently as possible. For effective climate protection, Lufthansa Airlines as part of the Lufthansa Group relies on accelerated fleet modernization, the continuous optimization of flight operations, the use and further development of sustainable aviation fuels and on offers for private travelers and corporate customers to make air travel more sustainable. In addition, Lufthansa Airlines has actively supported global climate and weather research for many years.

Foto: Lufthansa