Vietnam’s capital Hanoi stock market fluctuates, awaiting support

Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital Hanoi stock market fluctuates during the week as investors stay waiting for positive supporting information on the coming soon reports of production, trading results of listing companies in the second quarter.

During the week, the benchmark index of the local bourse, HNX- Index, experienced two ups and three downs, posting the highest level of 79.36 points on Tuesday and the lowest level of 78.61 points on Thursday.

Last week, the HNX-Index fluctuated within a range between 77. 93 points and 79.66 points.

Closing the week, the HNX-Index posted a decrease of 0.82 points, or 1.03 percent compared to the previous week’s last trading session.

The HNX-Index closed at 78.62 points on Friday, up 0.01 points, or 0.01 percent, against the previous trading session.

A total of 59.50 million shares worth 630.34 billion Vietnamese dong (29.87 million U.S. dollars) were traded at the Hanoi Stock Exchange on Friday, a decrease of 40.42 percent in volume and 41. 14 percent in value against Thursday.

Prices of 83 stocks went up, 85 stocks fell down, while 75 stocks remained unchanged.

HNXFF-Index, the new benchmark to replace the HNX-Index from December 2014, closed at 79.25 points, up 0.26 points or 0.33 percent on Friday.

As of July 11, 2014, the HNX-Index increased 10.84 points, or 15.89 percent compared to the last trading session in 2013.

During the week, a series of promising signals of Vietnamese economy including low interest rates, stable foreign exchange rates and robust growth among export sectors have been released. The information creates reasons for optimistic investors to stay in the market and store more shares, assessed local analysts.

However, the information is not strong enough to lift up the HNX-Index. At the same time, investors are eager ahead of reports of trading activities among listing companies, which causes increase in prices of some shares with good forecast, said analysts.

The leaking information on these reports also has positive effects on investors’ psychology, according to local insiders, adding that the bourse will be further supported to go up in the coming time thanks to these reports. Source: Xinhua