UNCTAD’s Milestone 60th Anniversary Forum

GENEVA – The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) proudly announces the commencement of its 60th-anniversary celebrations with the Global Leaders Forum, a pivotal event set to chart a transformative course for sustainable development. From June 12 to 14, in Geneva, this forum stands as a testament to six decades of progress and a beacon for the journey ahead.

Under the theme “Charting a new development course in a changing world,” the forum calls upon international leaders to embrace the era of polyglobalization and to collaboratively construct a resilient, equitable, and sustainable future. This gathering of minds and wills is a unique opportunity to reassess the global development agenda and to innovate in the face of evolving economic landscapes.

The forum will be graced by the presence of the UN Secretary-General, marking the opening of a two-day program featuring an assembly of distinguished heads of state, institutional leaders, and preeminent economists. These thought leaders will engage in rigorous debates, sharing insights on pioneering methods to tackle the pressing challenges of sustainable development and to amplify UNCTAD’s influence and effectiveness.

A special focus will be placed on UNCTAD’s holistic approach to trade and development, addressing the intricate web of finance, technology, investment, and sustainable development. The forum will shine a spotlight on the specific needs of the developing world, with particular attention to the least developed countries, small island developing states, and landlocked developing countries.

As the world stands at a crossroads, the Global Leaders Forum embodies a collective resolve to redefine the path of development, ensuring that shared prosperity remains at the heart of the global agenda. UNCTAD invites the world to join in this momentous occasion, to reflect on the lessons of the past, and to forge a bold new direction for the future. (zai)