Thailand Tourism launches new mobile application

Bangkok – Banking on the success of the previous “Amazing Thailand” mobile application version, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has stepped up its digital tourism marketing strategy with the updated New Amazing Thailand mobile application version on Android and Apple platforms.

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said, “The New Amazing Thailand mobile application offers even more user-friendly features on a new fresh look. This new version has been enhanced with up-to-date technologies and functions with the key objective of providing useful travel information for international travelers planning a trip to Thailand or already travelling in the country.”

The “New Amazing Thailand” application boasts easy-to-use features that allow smartphone users around the world to get the latest travel information of Thailand, including special tour and accommodation deals as well as attractive packages offered by hotels, tour operators and online travel-related businesses.

Key functions of the New Amazing Thailand application have included the Augmented Reality or AR, a function that allows travelers to see the symbols and travel information from any given location; QR code scanner which gives users to quickly get travel information of their choice; Interactive Map which helps tourists to travel to their desired destination easily; Search and Filter functions from which travelers can search for required travel information when in need, and Check-In feature which allows travellers to update to their friends so they know of their exact locations real-time.  There is also a ‘Share’ function that automatically links to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Other highlight functions are the ‘Thai Live Cam’ feature that allows travellers to see tourist attractions real-time through live stream videos and the ‘Activities’ tab that enables users to participate in fun quizzes, if any.

Mr. Thawatchai said, “As the entire world is digitally connected, we hope that this New Amazing Thailand application’ will be a useful tool for travelers planning a trip to Thailand. The app is also considered one of the most important channels for TAT to promote tourism attractions and activities in Thailand as well as communicate directly with travellers.”

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