Thailand: Making Quarantine Part of the Holiday

Thailand is heavily dependant on tourism and the last year has taken a strong financial toll. Like most of the countries in Southeast Asia, every person who enters Thailand needs to spend two weeks in quarantine. Reducing somebody’s travel time by 14 days doesn’t help entice visitors, which is why Thailand has been exploring different ways of making the quarantine part of your holiday, instead of being a deduction.
Back in January, Thailand made its first effort to do just that. Six golf resorts were allowed to have guests play their daily 18 holes, even though they are quarantined within the property. For the participating resorts, the policy has thrown them a vital lifeline to help them survive the pandemic. Read more
Another proposal that has been submitted for consideration is a new “Area Hotel Quarantine” policy that would let visitors get a PCR test on the 3rd day. If the result is negative, they are allowed to leave their room and move about freely on the hotel grounds. Customers could start to enjoy the different exquisite amenities, and start their holiday the right way. Only the regions of Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, Surat Thani, and Chon Buri would initially be targeted. Read more
But that’s not all. Another way to make quarantine more agreeable could be piloted in Phuket. Visitors could spend their two-week quarantine on a yacht just off the coast of the Island. With the use of a smart band, vitals such as heart rate and body temperature will be monitored.
Thailand shows that there are alternatives to spending 2 weeks in a quarantine facility or being locked in your room. These creative solutions offer a different kind of travel experience than what we are used to, but they might just be the way we get the industry back on track.