Terra-Cotta Warriors drive tourism of Shaanxi

Xi’an – With a long history of Chinese civilization, Shaanxi province has a series of representative world-class tourism Intellectual Properties (IPs), such as Terra-Cotta Warriors, Wild Goose Pagoda, City Wall and so on. Under the initiative of “Belt and Road”, Shaanxi is striving to build the “international first-class cultural tourism center”. In tourism exchange and cooperation with nations and regions along the Belt-and-Road line, Shaanxi is promoted to become an international tourist destination with the characteristic of “International Style, Chinese Charm, Shaanxi Flavor”.

In order to further strengthen the oversea tourists’ perceptions and good impression of Shaanxi tourism, Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee organized an offline activity with the theme of “traveling around Shaanxi with Mr. Bing”. The commission recruited an excellent English tour guide and dressed him as a Terra-Cotta Warrior named Mr. Bing. This “resurrected” warrior took a girl from Ukraine, a country along the Belt and Road line, on an in-depth tour of Shaanxi to experience the beauty of it.

The shooting team went to Baoji, Xi’an, Weinan and Hancheng successively, and visited more than 10 Shaanxi characteristic scenic attractions, such like Huashan Mountains, Dangjia Village, City Wall, Xifu Old Street and so on. The team vividly presented the magnificent natural scenery and profound cultural heritage of Shaanxi to the foreign tourists through video, images and text. Through oversea social media platform “Visit Shaanxi”, they effectively gained the attentions of foreign fans from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oversea exposure of this activity on the social media is expected to reach half a million which is quite impressive.