Myanmar president adament about building democracy

Yangon – Myanmar President U Thein Sein on Monday urged the country’s people, especially youths, to actively participate in the building of a democratic nation through mutual understanding, trust, compassion and transparency.

In his message on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, U Thein Sein said the country is in the phase of a third wave of reform process, stressing that the political de-centralization and the implementation of a new political culture are with pure political goodwill for the benefit of the people.

Noting that as Myanmar’s future prosperity depends on 16 million young people, they obviously play a crucial role in democratic reform and future development, U Thein Sein pointed out that youth development programs are included in the third wave of the reform process.

Myanmar marked the International Day of Democracy this year with the theme “Engaging Youth in Democracy” to highlight the role of youth in the opportunities and challenges of democratic transition.

The president claimed that Myanmar has taken firm and steady steps towards democracy and thus received obvious and tangible results within three years. Source: Xinhua