Malaysia Airlines plan to retrain workforce

Kuala Lumpur – An upskilling and reskilling programme introduced by Malaysia Airlines is aimed at transforming its employees into a future-ready workforce to drive the carrier’s long-term operational sustainability.

Dubbed MH EDGILE, the programme is opened to more than 2,000 employees, mainly pilots, cabin crew and other frontliners impacted by the current reduced network and operational capacity.

MH EDGILE will train the employees in other job skills, either in specialised competency such as facilities management and audit or general and trainable areas such as sales and IT helpdesk.

In doing so, employees will be better equipped to support the airline’s long-term business sustainability, while developing their potential, said Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG).

Subject to approval, these group of employees will be temporarily re-assigned to support other departments that require workforce for critical roles or job functions resulting from the constrained workforce due to added deliverables and attrition, it added.

MAG CEO Izham Ismail said with the pandemic showing no signs of abating, “it is important for us to prepare our workforce with new skill sets to become more efficient in their current roles or shift into emerging positions as well as to support the business goals. This is the perfect time for the staff to reinvent themselves”.

This initiative is offered voluntarily and subject to job pre-requisites and selection criteria of the receiving department. All assignments will be on a full-time basis; however, employees will still be allowed to maintain their job license validity.

The period of the interim assignment will be dependent on the company’s business and operational requirements. Employees with the approved application will be equipped with the knowledge and new skill sets through coaching and training to prepare for the new role. (TTG)