Korea joins world agents associations alliance

Seoul – The World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA) has welcomed its newest member, the Korean Association of Travel Agents (KATA).

“The WTAAA is very proud to welcome KATA, whose membership will ensure that the WTAAA agenda and voice in east Asia is further strengthened,” said Otto de Vries, WTAAA’s chair.

Said Mooseung Yang, chairman of KATA: “KATA is honoured to be an active member of the WTAAA and express our gratitude to the general assembly for the admission. It is the right time for KATA to raise its hand to work together with members of WTAAA. In close cooperation with the existing members, we will contribute to fostering a dialogue, adding to the voice of East Asia.”

The Brussels-based WTAAA is a non-profit and positions itself as “the global voice of the travel agency distribution channel”. Its Asian members include travel agent associations representing India, Hong Kong, ASEAN (via the Federation of ASEAN Travel Associations), Australia and New Zealand.

WTAAA’s board of directors meet twice a year to discuss issues that impact the global travel agency industry and to share common problem solving strategies.

The next WTAAA board meeting will take place on May 9 and 10 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For more information on the WTAAA: www.wtaaa.org