JetSetGo launches Sky Shuttle service

Mumbai -JetSetGo, an aircraft management and air charter company, has introduced its Sky Shuttle service from Mumbai, providing seats in private jets and helicopters to air passengers on demand.

Initially, the service has been introduced in three key sectors: Mumbai-Bengaluru, Juhu-Tarapur and Juhu-Vapi. All these are high-demand sectors for business travellers and the service is expected to reduce travel time substantially. In Bengaluru, the plane will land at HAL airport, reducing travel time by over an hour.

While the Mumbai to Bengaluru sector will be served by private jets, the services to Vapi and Tarapur, two prominent industrial areas, will be by helicopters.

The fare will be dynamic, between ₹16,000 and ₹40,000 per seat. A seat in the four to 10-seater helicopters will cost ₹9,000 onwards. “These fares are comparable with business seats in peak hour in the Mumbai-Bengaluru sector,” said Sudheer Perla, co-founder and director, JetSetGo Aviation Services Pvt Ltd. “We believe there will be lot of demand for our service from the corporate sector,” he said.

The company will utilise this learning to start electric plane shuttle service like Uber Air, and flying cars in the future, senior officials said. “Using vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) will allow us to make full use of the third dimension of air travel to deal with the problem of traffic jams,” said Kanika Tekriwal, CEO and co-founder, JetSetGo.

The company is currently evaluating other routes for the service. It has access to a fleet of 18 aircraft to be deployed in the shuttle service. (The Hindu)