Indonesia’s Lewotobi Laki-Laki Volcano Erupts Twice

JAKARTA – Indonesia’s renowned Lewotobi Laki-Laki volcano, a prominent feature on the tourist-favored island of Flores, has erupted twice within a single day, prompting authorities to raise the alert level to the second-highest status. The first eruption occurred today around noon local time and lasted for approximately eleven minutes. A subsequent eruption followed roughly three and a half hours later, emitting an ash cloud reaching heights of up to 900 meters.

The Indonesian Volcanology Authority has enforced a strict no-entry zone within a three-kilometer radius around the volcano’s crater to ensure public safety.

These recent eruptions follow a series of previous activities noted earlier in the year, with the volcano having shown increased activity since January. The Lewotobi Laki-Laki is situated in a region prone to seismic activities, known as the Pacific Ring of Fire, which experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This geological volatility underscores the importance of continuous monitoring and swift response by the Indonesian authorities to protect both residents and visitors to this picturesque yet potent natural wonder.

The local government and emergency services are working diligently to assess and respond to the evolving situation, ensuring that all necessary precautions are in place. Tourists planning to visit the area are advised to stay informed about the latest developments and heed all warnings issued by the authorities. (zai)
Photo: AFP