Honorable reception for Putin in Vietnam

HANOI – President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Vietnam, immediately following his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, highlights Russia’s endeavor to strengthen its presence in Asia,  building strategic partnerships amidst increasing geopolitical tensions.

The relations between Russia and Vietnam have historical roots dating back to the Cold War era. Both countries have continuously deepened their cooperation over the past decades. Vietnam is an important regional partner for Russia, especially in the fields of defense and energy. The bilateral relations are characterized by a series of common interests and projects, including involvement in the South China Sea and the development of energy infrastructures.

Putin’s visit to Vietnam is seen as an attempt to break through the international isolation caused by sanctions due to the conflict in Ukraine. By strengthening relations with Vietnam and other Asian countries, Russia is looking for new ways to promote its economic and political interests.

The visit followed an agreement with North Korea that assures mutual support in case of war, which underscores the strategic importance of these relationships. The USA and its allies have expressed their concern about the deepening military relations between Russia and North Korea, primarily regarding the potential enhancement of Kim’s nuclear weapons and missile program.

During his stay in Vietnam, Putin met with Vietnamese President Tô Lâm and emphasized the importance of close and effective cooperation. Vietnam, which traditionally takes a balanced stance in international affairs, herewith offered Russia a platform to strengthen its position in Southeast Asia. (zai)