Global Fairs TT-Messe now at ISH and Light + Building in Frankfurt

Frankfurt – The unexpected closure of the world-renowned CeBIT expo in 2019 in Hannover came as a surprise to many national and international exhibitors and left them without an appropriate alternative.

Jan Nintemann, owner of the Global Fairs TT-Messe Osnabrück, an experienced Trade Fair Agency for exhibition space also at IFA Berlin, is now offering its clientele a new home for SmartHome, SmartBuilding and SmartCity  products – in cooperation with the “SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V.”.

New exhibition spaces are now being offered at two international trade fairs in Frankfurt: ISH (March 11-15) and the “light+building” next year (March 8-13).

Jan Nintemann: “We are living in a time of dramatic and unstoppable change. Let’s turn the clock back five years: in 2013, who could have conceived the fast changes in the automotive industry?”

In Nintemann’s opinion, the progressing climate change will have a significant influence on technical building equipment and, as a consequence, on the demands of the “Smart Building” infrastructure: The more complex the technology in a building is, the greater the necessity for this to be automated.

“Long, hot and dry summers as well as rainy, wet winters place new demands on the building technology – from air-cooling and humidification to increased fire protection and light control and concepts for optimized lighting in winter months”, says Nintemann.

Jan Nintemann: “Buildings are the most important work and living spaces for humans – in times of climate change, ensuring a suitable indoor climate has become an entirely new challenge of unprecedented dimensions.

The “Smart Building” relevance of ISH beyond the heating and water-installation sector is still underestimated by the market. With the “Center of SmartBuilding” project, the “SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V.” and Global Fairs want to change this – starting with ISH 2019 as well as other leading trade fairs such as IFA Berlin (September 6-11) and “light + building” in 2020.

In addition, new “Centers of SmartBuildings” will in the upcoming months be organized at smaller, regional German trade fairs in order to improve the awareness of “Smart Building” products.

At the ISH expo in Frankfurt, the “Center of SmartBuilding” (Hall 10.2, Booth D82 – D95) will show the latest trends and developments of the Smart Home industry and building technology.

The “Center of SmartBuilding” considers itself to be a meeting place for the industry – a market place and networking area where all Smart Home and Smart Building manufacturers are welcome to meet and to inform themselves about upcoming events at the Centers nationwide. – Also applications for “SmartHome Deutschland” membership will be available to the public.

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