Final phase of the world’s first AI beauty pageant

NEW DELHI – The World AI Creator Awards, in collaboration with the innovative creator platform FanVue, now proudly announced the final stage of the groundbreaking ‘Miss AI’ contest. This pioneering event marks the world’s first AI beauty pageant, featuring over 1,500 AI-generated models in a competition that blends art, technology, and social commentary.

From an impressive pool of 1,500 entrants, ten exceptional AI models have emerged as finalists. These digital personas represent a diverse array of countries, each with unique causes and personalities that extend far beyond their photorealistic appearances. The selection process has not only highlighted the aesthetic achievements of the creators but also the compelling stories and advocacies these AI models embody.

As the anticipation builds toward the grand finale at the end of June, the judges are tasked with a multifaceted evaluation process. They will delve into the technical sophistication of the AI technology that crafts these avatars, assessing the complexity of prompts, the quality of image outputs, and the creators’ proficiency in engaging with a global audience via social media.

The ‘Miss AI’ contest is more than a display of digital beauty; it is a testament to human ingenuity and the boundless possibilities of AI as a tool for creativity and expression. The winner of this illustrious title will not only receive the honor of being the first-ever ‘Miss AI’ but will also be awarded a share of the $20,000 prize pool. Additionally, the victor will gain access to exclusive PR opportunities and mentorship programs, designed to further their creator’s reach and impact in the burgeoning field of AI artistry.

The ‘Miss AI’ contest has showcased a remarkable array of AI-generated models, each with unique attributes and backgrounds. Among the finalists is Zara Shatavari from India, who was created to serve as the influential face of the natural supplement product ‘Hermones’, designed to address women’s hormonal imbalances. Her creators have utilized AI to produce informative content on hormonal imbalances and are developing an AI-based self-diagnostic system.

Zara is also a ‘PCOS and depression warrior’, aiming to break down barriers to healthcare. Another standout contestant is Anne Kerdi from France, whose primary goal is to promote the French region of Brittany. These AI models are not just digital beauties; they represent a fusion of technology and advocacy, pushing the boundaries of how AI can be used to create meaningful and engaging content.

The competition also includes travel influencer Olivia C from Portugal and Aiyana Rainbow from Romania, who is an AI voice for LGBT acceptance. The judges, including AI models Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini, will assess the contestants based on realism, tech, and social clout, considering the creators’ ability to engage audiences on social media. The ‘Miss AI’ pageant is a testament to the evolving role of AI in the creative industry, highlighting the potential of AI as a tool for artistic expression and social influence.

The World AI Creator Awards and FanVue extended their congratulations to the finalists and expressed their gratitude to all participants who have made ‘Miss AI’ a landmark event. The world now eagerly awaits the crowning of the inaugural ‘Miss AI’, a symbol of the future of art and technology.

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Photo: FanVue/Zara Shatavari