Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia promote economic development

Ethnic Chinese in MalaysiaKuala Lumpur – Malaysia is one of the Southeast Asia nations which has a deep relationship with China.

It is well known as a destination or stopping-over for Chinese migrants and explorers since ancient times.

Zheng He, a glorious Ming(1388-1644) dynasty explorer in Chinese history made five stays at Malacca, a famous city of Malaysia, in his seven trips to the Indian Ocean and beyond.

Zheng He’s spirit of exploration is inspiring the ethnic Chinese and Malaysians here to further expand and develop.

With the great idea of “Silk Road economic belt and one road ”, the China-Malaysia cooperation will be more vigorous on the development of the 21st century maritime Silk Road.

Following Zheng He spirit, ethnic Chinese people in Malaysia have made outstanding contributions to the economy of Malaysia, and will continue to do so.

The transformation plan need support from the Chinese people, especially those with excellent management ability, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said at the 2014 Chinese lunar New Year’s speech.

According to statistics, ethnic Chinese people in Malaysia, about 24.6 percent of the total population, hold dominant positions in the economic and business fields, as they are the majority on the country’s top 10 rich list in 2014.

“Ethnic Chinese people’s contribution in Malaysia is all-round, including that in agriculture, business, manufacture and so on,” Oh Ei Sun, a senior research fellow of Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and former political secretary to Malaysian Prime Minister, told Xinhua.

The most precious point is their joint efforts with other peoples to benefit all. They are open; they are not exclusive, added Oh Ei Sun.

Oh Ei Sun said the economic status of the ethnic Chinese people in Malaysia is gained after numerous hardships and struggles, progressing from almost nothing, by gradually taking root in Malaysia, to great accomplishments.

Tan Khai Hee, founder of the Hai-O Enterprise Berhad, is one of a typical representatives, who has carried forward Zheng He spirit and advanced from a factory worker, street vendor and bicycle repairer to the founder of Malaysia’s biggest and most famous health care products company.

In his own words, he almost has done every kind of job as long as he can make money and achieve.

Facing with difficult and frustration, Tan Khai Hee has always persistently improved himself, actively gone into business, fully tapped his talent and eventually established the Hai-O Enterprise Berhad.With 40 years of efforts, Hai-O has not only helped solve the local employment issue, but also created huge wealth for the whole society. Source: Xinhua