Both Indonesian Presidential Hopefuls claim Victory

Jakarta – Both presidential hopefuls running in Indonesia’s election claimed victories on Wednesday following publications of differing quick count results.

Both hopefuls claimed victories in the presidential election based on results of quick counts conducted by various pollster agencies published in the media, which contradict one other.

Quick counts that favored Prabowo Subianto said that the ex- general won at an average of 52 percent compared to Joko Widodo, who gained an average of 49 percent.

“We are grateful that based on the incoming information, they showed that pairing number 1, us, Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Radjasa obtained support and mandate from the people of Indonesia,” Prabowo told a press conference in the afternoon, responding to results of quick count that favored him.

He thanked the people over the mandate granted to him and his running mate to lead the country.

Meanwhile, Joko Widodo also claimed victory in the election, based on the results of quick counts conducted by favoring pollster agencies, which showed him getting a average of 52 percent of the votes.

Both Prabowo Subianto and Joko Widodo ordered their cadres, supporters and volunteers to monitor and escort the transfer of ballot papers from polling stations to the General Election Commission (KPU) until the real count be announced by the KPU on July 22.

Fadli Zon, deputy chairman of Gerindra Party called on supporters of both president camps to practice restraint to avoid possible confrontations while waiting for the announcement of the real count result. Source: Xinhua

Photo: The governor of Jakarta and presidential frontrunner Joko Widodo